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Camp sNOw Limits 2017 Recap!

What an incredible weekend we had at Sunday River Ski Resort. About 50 members of the CNL family came together for a weekend of adaptive skiing, snowboarding, and celebrations! This year we rented a beautiful house which served as home base but also allowed for more family connection as we gathered for meals and evening get togethers. Take a look at some of the excitement below!

Here is what one of our moms had to say about their experience:

“Being part of the Camp sNOw Limits is magical, and with the passing of each year I continue to be in awe! From the volunteers to the facility itself, CNL renews our energy and encourages us to step up and step out!

There are people from all walks of life who volunteer, from the guys at Maine Adaptive who help with things from equipment and sleds to skiing with the campers one on one. Then there are parents who are always collaborating with each other, together making it all happen with seemingly effortless grace, it is true teamwork at its best and is an example of what we all need to see and experience.

We are witness to each other’s talents, skills and knowledge. We get the opportunity to talk and to each other as individuals and as families. To share the struggles and the accomplishments we all gain and grow. We are not alone but part of a greater community. The support system we are part of is phenomenal and drives us to push through the hard stuff so that we can be part of the great stuff!

We have come for the past two years and as a single mom this is so important to my daughter. She gets to see and feel a life free of judgment, and see a life full of possibilities.  

CNL and Maine Adaptive allow amputees and parent’s the ability to be adventurous, take risks and have FUN!” — Jess Biagini, mom of Lilly

A special thank you to Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation, without your amazing volunteers, Camp sNOw Limits would not be possible. Your hard work and dedication to our program is greatly appreciated and we look forward to hitting the slopes again with you next year!

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