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Sponsor Highlight: Hanger Charitable Foundation

Camp No Limits was the proud recipient of a Hanger Charitable Foundation grant for $100,000 this year. These funds allowed for new families to experience camp, and supported returning families and our teen mentors as well. We cannot thank Hanger Charitable Foundation enough for their ongoing support and dedication to our program.

Not only has Hanger helped monetarily, but they have also sent their prosthetists to volunteer at camp. These prosthetists have enhanced the camp experience for our campers and their families by providing the opportunity to try running blades, most often, for the first time. Some of our most memorable and exciting camp memories are from watching as campers run around on blades, free, with confidence soaring.

Jon Nottingham is one such prosthetist. He came to our Maine camp in July with a couple of his patients, McCray and Cameron. Together with our physical therapists, Jon made it possible for many of our campers to try running with a running blade. There were many happy faces as a result of Jon’s handiwork. Jon is an incredible addition to our Camp No Limits family and we hope to see him at our 2017 camps!


Hanger Charitable Foundation supports non-profit organizations that help people with physical challenges live life as fully as possible. In addition to helping Camp No Limits, they’ve supported a variety of other causes including the Haiti Relief fund and also initiatives with the Amputee Coalition. We’re proud to be chosen to benefit from the foundations’ generosity and we look forward to continuing our relationship into 2017.

To see what is made possible through scholarships like those from Hanger Charitable Foundation, check out our video from CNL Maine!

Videography courtesy of another one of our amazing volunteers, Roberto Herrera!

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