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At No Limits Foundation, we have a dedicated team of staff, volunteers, and members who work hard to provide the best services to our kids & families.


Mary LeightonFounder & Executive Director

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Melanie DashProgram Director

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Pedro PimentaAdult Mentor

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Sarah McLaughlinHead Physical Therapist

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Cameron JohnsonThe INSPIRE Program® Coordinator

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Missy MoreauProject Coordinator

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Keegan MoreauAdult Mentor

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Don KowalskyPhysical Therapist & Board Member

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Alex TomazeskiAdult Mentor

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Charyl FossAdministrative Assistant

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Jessica GirouardOccupational Therapist
Cameron ClappAdult Mentor

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Rob SchulmanProsthetist & Board Member
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Mary Leighton, OTR/L

Founder & Executive Director

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Mary graduated from American International College in Springfield, MA in 2000 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Occupational Therapy (OT).  She is currently enrolled in a Master’s program for non-profit Leadership/Management.  Mary worked in private pediatric practice as an OT in Maine for 7 years while Camp No Limits was “born”.  During the time Mary also began to specialize in working with individuals with upper extremity limb loss/amputations by providing training and adaptations to activities to provide the most functional and physically appropriate approach to completing activities of daily living with or without prosthetics.  Mary has upper extremity prosthetics training experience with all levels of unilateral and bilateral upper extremity limb loss.  Mary has provided training with the use of myoelectric prosthetic, body-powered,  hybrid, recreational, and activity specific prosthetics.  She is proficient in training with the Myoboy training tool in preparation for myoelectric prosthetics and has attended the Skills for Life course for bilateral upper extremity limb loss.

Mary Leighton is a nationally recognized presenter at various colleges, Orthotics and Prosthetics conferences and shows including various Otto Bock and Hanger Clinic informational seminars for therapists, prosthetists, and other health care professionals.

Mary is also a certified Pilates instructor, which contributes to programs that she has developed for Camp No Limits, emphasizing the benefits and necessity of core strength for everyone, especially those with limb loss.  She has developed an exercise program for Camp No Limits to ensure campers and families have the opportunity to develop stretching and strength training necessary for all daily functional and recreational activities.  When not working for camp she still practices as an OT in a variety of settings including hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health setting.

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Melanie Dash

Program Director

Melanie is from Nova Scotia, Canada and a recent graduate from Acadia University. She has two degrees from Acadia, Recreation Management and Community Development & Sociology. Melanie discovered her passion for working with people with disabilities 13 years ago when she became a volunteer at Acadia’s S.M.I.L.E. program. Through S.M.I.L.E., Melanie found Pine Tree Camp in Maine and worked there for 12 camping seasons in a variety of roles. Pine Tree Camp is where Melanie discovered her passion for the camping field and was first introduced to Camp No Limits.
In March 2014, she became an entrepreneur and started a camp consulting business called {CAMP}fire Consulting. The focus is on Camp Administration, Program Development, Accreditation processes, grant writing, Policy and Procedure research and development and more. Melanie’s camp philosophy is, “Everything I’ve learned about life, I’ve learned at camp”. This philosophy embodies the approach to her work and the people she encounters.

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Pedro Pimenta

Adult Mentor


Pedro Pimenta is a 25 year-old international speaker, best-selling author, and mentor to other amputees. He has inspired people all around the world with his keynote talks in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

A typical teenager in Brazil, Pedro studied and participated in sports with his friends. In 2009, however, he saw himself in a life-and-death situation after contracting a fatal form of bacterial meningitis. Unfortunately, after almost 6 months fighting for his life, survival came at a cost: Pedro lost all 4 of his limbs.

But that was just the beginning of an amazing journey of perseverance.

Today, Pedro Pimenta, 25, lives independently in Florida. He holds a bachelors in Economics from the University of South Florida. An international speaker, best-selling author, and a mentor to other amputees, Pedro has inspired thousands people all around the world with his keynote talks in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Some of Pedro’s previous clients are: TED, Google, Novartis, Ronald McDonald House, Hanger Clinic, Valmont, and more.


Sara McLaughlin

Head Physical Therapist


Sara has been participating in Camp No Limits since 2011. Although she has been a physical therapist since 1998, her first camp experience was as a parent. She attended with her family, including her son who is a congenital below the knee amputee. Sara was thrilled to join the CNL therapy team in 2014. She enjoys challenging the campers to maximize their potential, and seeing them gain confidence and independence from year to year. One of Sara’s favorite parts of camp is the biking clinic, especially the campers smiles as they realize they’re doing it on their own! Sara currently works in an outpatient facility in Massachusetts practicing therapeutic massage

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Cameron Johnson

The INSPIRE ® Program Coordinator


Cameron began volunteering at Camp No Limits Florida in 2014, when he was a physical therapy student at the University of North Florida. He has been a crucial member of our therapy team ever since! Cameron joins our team for several camps throughout the year, sharing his knowledge and added insight as a former collegiate runner. His energy, enthusiasm and dedication to the campers are unmatched. His favorite part of camp is seeing the courageous acts at the talent shows and welcoming first time families. He enjoys helping the campers overcome their reservations to embrace the “no limits” mentality and try new activities that may initially be challenging to them.

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Don Kowalsky

Physical Therapist & Board Member


Camp No Limits was fortunate to have Don join our therapy team in 2014 after one of his students, at Quinnipiac University (QU), introduced her capstone project — hosting CNL at QU. Don is an invaluable member of the team, bringing compassion and knowledge from years of practicing and teaching physical therapy. Beginning with a Bachelor of science in physical therapy from QU, Don advanced his PT education with a Master’s degree with a concentration in neurodevelopmental disabilities and then continued on to a Doctorate in education from University of Bridgeport. He has a knack for helping some of the most shy campers emerge from their shell. Don’s favorite part of camp is the sense of CNL family that is developed at each camp amongst veteran and new campers and their families.

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Missy Moreau

Project Coordinator


Missy has been part of Camp No Limits since she brought her daughter, Keegan, to the Maine camp in 2005. She has years of experience in leadership and training, and has been helping CNL with organization and administrative duties as well as our camp store. Missy’s goal is to help camp grow so more families can experience the positive outcomes her own family has experienced. Missy is currently an information technology teacher at a Catholic elementary school in Maine.

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Keegan Moreau

Adult Mentor


Keegan Moreau has attended camp since 2005. Through her camp years she gained self confidence, and a desire to mentor young campers. At each camp, she has a flock of young campers eager for her attention. Keegan is an active teen participating in high school soccer and skiing. At camp she enjoys helping out the younger campers as well as meeting kids her own age that she can relate to.

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Alex Tomaszeski

Adult Mentor


Alex first joined Camp No Limits as a camper in 2005, and is now an inspirational mentor for many campers and their families. He is a congenital below knee amputee, and also has left upper extremity limb difference. Through pick-up games of football and various camp activities, Alex engages the campers and encourages them to participate. He is proud to be part of an organization that has had and continues to have such profound impacts on individual lives. Alex is currently attending the University of Maine at Farmington, majoring in Business Economics.

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Cameron Clapp

Adult Mentor


Cameron is the definition of resilience. As a bilateral above knee and right above elbow amputee, from an accident in 2001, he has worked hard to become a full time prosthetic user. With his love of life and open personality, he shares his experiences, connecting with the campers. Cameron’s goal is to help the campers realize they each possess the power to transform their own lives. He encourages all campers to be confident in who they are and to work hard to reach their goals. Cameron has been featured in media and film including the HBO series, Carnivale, NBC’s My Name Is Earl, the major motion picture Stop Loss, Comedy Central’s Workaholics, The New York Times and People Magazine. Being an athlete, he is dedicated to participating at track events and triathlons.  He is the first triple amputee to run half marathons and is training to complete a full marathon to break another world record. He is very passionate as a peer mentor with multiple limb amputees, including injured service members.


Cheryl Foss

Administrative Assistant

Cheryl retired from her position of Assistant Chief of Human Resources at the Veterans Administration Maine Healthcare System at Togus in May 2014. In her 33 year tenure, she served 25 of those years in various administrative positions in human resources. Cheryl holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Maine in Augusta (1991). She completed a Certificate Program in Grant Writing at the University of Southern Maine in July of 2015, and is currently working on her MBA at Husson University. Cheryl, and her husband, Kenneth, reside in Wales, Maine, where they raised their 25 year old sons. Also in Wales, they own and operate a beef farm, and an agricultural sales and service business. With a little extra time to spare after retirement, she became interested in Camp No Limits, helping out administratively where needed as CNL continues to grow.

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