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We have some exciting news to share. We’ve rebranded!

Check out our new logos below and read on to learn what the heart logo means to No Limits Foundation and Camp No Limits!



The No Limits Foundation brand is now a brand of its own, accommodating the growth of our organization and allowing us to continue our mission. Through the NLF we will be able to Educate, Empower, and Support more people at camp, through our programs and in our communities.

About Our Logo

The heart is a rendition of our anatomical hearts. Non-symmetrical, seemingly in motion, it portrays different shapes, that although they may
seem “imperfect” or “irregular” by themselves, together, they form something bigger; something that we all share in common despite our differences — a Heart Without Limits.

Think back to our closing day at camp, to our group circle when we all share our most favorite part of the weekend. Through the laughter, smiles and tears, the love you feel emanating from that circle is palpable. The power of Camp No Limits is felt immensely in that moment as we collectively share our stories, the foundation of those stories is love.

The decision to not include an image of a limb different person or someone wearing a prosthetic anywhere in the logo was intentional. The family experience is what sets Camp No Limits apart and what makes your experience so special. Campers, siblings, parents, volunteers and staff are all impacted by CNL. Everyone finds a piece of camp for themselves, everyone has a take away.

We hope you will join us in celebrating our most recent change and we look forward to continuing to grow with you into the future. There’s a lot of exciting things on our horizon and we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got planned next!

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We’re so excited to officially launch the INSPIRE Program, a new program of No Limits Foundation! The INSPIRE Program is a leadership program based on img_9976personal development and community engagement. Participants will work together with a mentor towards completing the program over the course of a year. It is also in conjunction with the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award and we’re very proud of this distinction.

The INSPIRE Program is outlined in a packet you can download below or on our website. There is a Step by Step guide in the packet to help you get started. There are two versions of the program available based on age; Junior Leader and Teen Leader. The Junior Leader pathway is for participants aged 5-12. The Teen Leader pathway is for participants aged 13-18. The program is based on six core elements and in each of these elements there are different components and goals. Your mentor, who will be assigned to you by the INSPIRE Program Leader, Cameron Johnson, will help guide you through these components and will be available to you throughout the year.

Document your year! Take photos, gather brochures, posters, business cards, draw photos, or write short stories to remember your experiences. It’s up to you! Be as creative as you wish! Once you’ve completed the program you will show off your successful year and share what you’ve learned at the INSPIRE Fair, which will be at the next camp you attend. So, what are you waiting for?! Get started today!

A little about the INSPIRE Program Leader….. 
Cameron has brought together his physical therapy background and experience in download-4collegiate track and field to enhance the CNL running program since January 2014. Since his first camp, he has become more involved with the advancement of camp and future developments. In addition, he continues to live out the camp mission to educate, empower, and support the CNL family beyond the typical camp sessions. The creation of the INSPIRE Program has ignited that passion further and he has been influential in both I ts development and launching. He will serve as the Program Leader, coordinating the matching of campers and mentors, as well as encouraging participation throughout the year. One of his favorite memories of camp is witnessing the kids strive for excellence and push themselves to their max potential. He is excited to see the amount of personal growth that will develop in the youth and adults involved in this program through mutual participation and community involvement.

Cameron graduated from The College of Brockport-SUNY in 2011 with a BS in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology and a minor in Biology. Additionally, he graduated from the University of North Florida with DPT in 2014. He is also a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2015. He can be reached at to answer any questions about camp or the INSPIRE program.

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